Automatic image testing

Dan Chapman daniel at
Sun May 3 23:31:48 UTC 2015

On 03/05/15 23:53, Elfy wrote:
> Prior to the vivid cycle I used to often check on jenkins daily, 
> indeed had RSS feed for fails set up, just to check that things were 
> at least working basically.
> Sometime around December these stopped working, and still show the 
> last result as about 5 months ago as FAIL for everyone.
> Is there any likelihood that this will work for us during the Wibbly 
> Wobbly Whinocewos cycle?
> Is there somewhere else that reports on both Ubuntu and flavour image 
> auto tests?
> I know this would make my life just that bit easier, I assume other 
> flavours would like to at least have the assurance a basic test is done.
Oh dear those tests are a bit out of shape now. Looks like the 
workarounds of walking the ATK object tree doesn't seem to work anymore.

I'll take a look at fixing those tests up tomorrow and get them back 
into decent shape.



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