Community Council catchup - QA Team

Alberto Salvia Novella es20490446e at
Fri Feb 20 00:28:09 UTC 2015

 > There was a discussion on possible training needed and a way to make
 > the documentation team wiki more easier to understand.

I think that anything that makes the job easier or cleaner should be of 
higher priority than even doing the job (except if postponing would make 
something to fail).

This is because, counter intuitively, the job is usually finished sooner 
this way.

On the second hand, I suspect Ubuntu fail in attracting some 
contributors because it is somehow focused in the non essential (like 
devices, cloud, beauty). These things are good to have, but look that 
pursuing the non essential ultimately translates in the non pursuing of 
the essential.

What a contributor is really looking for is a sense of purpose (things 
like openness, robustness, simplicity, humanity, flexibility).

And I am very happy about how Ubuntu and Canonical have done their job. 
Just this specific situation has to be looked deeper, which is to define 
the goal of Ubuntu. If you ask yourself "what is the goal of Ubuntu?" 
you will know what I mean.

And money is not a goal, but a mean. Sorry if this conflicts with some 
corporate clients, but it is like that: nobody feels long term 
motivation because of money, but because of getting things done. You 
need it, it is good to have more, but what creates motion are other things.

Thanks for attending.

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