Asking users to upstream

Alberto Salvia Novella es20490446e at
Sun Apr 26 23:07:39 UTC 2015

As some of you already know, this cycle I have been performing an 
experiment where I ask users to upstream bugs themselves and see what 

The idea has been that it's more valuable that is the affected user who 
speaks with the upstream developers instead a bug triager, while 
alleviating workload to these triagers.

The procedure has been the following:

1. I say to the user:

        1. Report to [UPSTREAM BUG TRACKER URL].
        2. Paste the new report URL here.
        3. Set this bug status back to "confirmed".
      Thank you.

2. I set the bug status to "incomplete".
3. I add the tag "asked-to-upstream" 
4. I subscribe to notifications except comments.

Just came to let you know that this has been quite successful. After 
doing this in 34 bugs, I only remember one or two that they expired due 
to inactivity. And even in this cases I received an email and reported 
the bug upstream myself.

So I wanted to suggest to include this as a recommendation in 

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