bzr Gedit branch

Alberto Salvia Novella es20490446e at
Wed Oct 29 14:41:52 UTC 2014

Tobias Riedling:
> Hi,
> just learning/ playing around with gtk, and thought i could do domething
> usefull. So I got my hands on the papercuts.
> Never worked with bazar or launchpad so I tried to follow the online
> instructions. But I cannot get this to work.
> I'm pretty sure i can provide a patch for Bug #491555 .
> But if i do the following:
>> >branch lp:ubuntu/precise/gedit gedit
> it says that "Error: Revision ... not in graph ..."
>> >branch lp:ubuntu/saucy/gedit gedit
> same ...
>> >branch lp:ubuntu/gedit gedit
> it tells me that Packaging branch status: OUT-OF-DATE.
>> >branch lp:gedit
> gives me Version 3.7.1, which is not the latest ...
> and a
>> >bzr bd -- -S -us -uc
> tels me :bzr:
>   ERROR: Could not find changelog at/home/.../gedit/debian/changelog in
> tree.
> edit-patch says:
> Can not find debian/rules or debian/control. Not in a debian dir?
> So, just need a little help to get started :-).
> Best Regards
> Tobias

Even when I have been using Launchad intensively on bug triaging, I 
haven't still submitted a patch to a bug report; so I could be easily 
misleading if I gave directions on this.

Team, can anyone answer Tobias this question?

Thank you.

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