Really serious problems with the 14.04 window manager versus crashing applications

Alberto Salvia Novella es20490446e at
Mon Oct 20 12:03:53 UTC 2014

Arthur Nonymous:
 > I'm going to bitch now, so fair warning.

I'm sorry this list is not for bitching.

Arthur Nonymouse:
 > I strongly suggest that all the developers who so anxiously want to
 > make the interface "cooler" and "neater" such that every damned
 > release forces a new window manager on the user - how about telling
 > these people that they have to FIX THE DAMNED BUGS in the prior
 > version before they move on to their next toy of yet another window
 > manager.

There are people that not need to move, and those are who are dead. They 
all found their high state of resolution, as many Linux distributions 
you can use instead of Ubuntu.

Arthur Nonymous:
 > Open Source is supposed to be about USER CHOICE

While it's very good to understand other people's priorities; if I had 
followed them I had finished poor, ill, and untrained.

Arthur Nonymous wrote:
 > This also means that a series of window managers must be maintained
 > and debugged in parallel, but that should not be so much overhead as
 > surely enough people can be lined up behind each of them to keep them
 > maintained.

1/2 = 0,5

That's the workforce you are suggesting.

Arthur Nonymous:
 > I am surely hardly the only person who has noticed this.

Probably yes. I only use Ubuntu, and lightdm never crashed for me.

Arthur Nonymous:
 > plus thanks to bad "lightdm" QA, if they crash they take all the rest
 > of the user's work with them.

Which windows manager keeps your work when it crashes?

Arthur Nonymous:
> Please fix this.

I'm sorry this list discuses small decisions, but not the direction of 
the Ubuntu project.


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