Xubuntu Take-Over

AFJ Headquarters agents4jesus at gmail.com
Sun May 18 14:42:03 UTC 2014

Hi, Tony here,

     I recently installed Xubuntu (as some of you may know) because my 
old netbook couldn't handle Ubuntu's amazing graphics (sadly :-( ). 
Well, it worked fine, things opened pretty fast and all that, but a 
couple items are bothering me:

     One, the Lock screen doesn't work. It displays a Light Display 
Manager, and it won't let me log in (the password is always incorrect, I 
haven't tried the su password yet, but still, you shouldn't have to put 
the su password every time you lock the screen of a standard user...).

     Two, when I switched back to Ubuntu, whenever I lock the screen it 
displays the beautiful lock screen, but if I put my password in, it has 
me put it in again in a Xubuntu-style window.

     Three, now, whenever I log in, the computer wants me to report a 

     Four, the computer often displays weird, distorted characters and 
colors when I log in.


P.S. If this isn't the right list to ask about this problem, pls let me 

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