Introductory email - QA - Vasily

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at
Tue May 13 23:48:52 UTC 2014

On 05/10/2014 07:41 AM, Bear Me wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> My name is Vasily, i'm from Kiev (Ukraine) and i'd like to participate in
> Ubuntu testing
> I have 2+ year of software testing experience, but all products that i've
> tested were windows-based server applications for enegry distribution, so i
> think testing something completly different like Ubunty is great way to
> impove my testing and communication skills .
> I have basic knowledge about linux using and administration and like to
> find bugs.
> Tnank you
Welcome! I'd encourage you to check out the wiki, especially the roles 
page for help on getting started:

And do follow us on social media if you wish to stay more up to date on 
what's happening in the world of ubuntu and quality.

At the moment, things are a bit quieter as we've just released trusty 
and development towards utopic is still very new. I'd encourage you to 
upgrade to utopic and start trying to break things and learn about 
ubuntu :-) Again welcome!


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