100 paper cuts and QA

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Sun Jan 19 18:59:37 UTC 2014

On 19/01/14 18:48, Alberto Salvia Novella wrote:
> Because One Hundred Papercuts:
>   * is designed for the average
>     <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/One%20Hundred%20Papercuts/Average%20users> user.
>   * is composed by papercuts
>     <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/One%20Hundred%20Papercuts/Papercuts> only.
>   * uses a kanban <http://youtu.be/R8dYLbJiTUE> work-flow
>     <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/One%20Hundred%20Papercuts/Workflow>
>     (oh... I just realized I reinvented the wheel :)
> To contribute to this project will be always *easier* than anything in 
> Quality.
I beg to differ.

But I'll do it in a different thread - let's not confuse Simone any longer.

Nice pics - but that does nothing to deal with the fact that to be able 
to take part you need to be able to actually do something with code.

Is this not the case?

Pretty sure you see me about in the QA channel - come and find me and 
walk me through how to deal with something in One Hundred Papercuts - 
because from where I stand - booting an image and reading a testcase is 
never going to harder ;)



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