Cadence Week 7 / Final Beta Testing

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at
Mon Sep 23 19:06:18 UTC 2013

And the images are trickling out to cdimage now:

Ladies and Gentlemen, ready your testing hats. Beta 2 is here:

Download an iso, try it on your machine and report and failures you see. 
Thanks for helping make ubuntu better!


On 09/19/2013 03:59 PM, Nicholas Skaggs wrote:
> According to our schedule week 7 for our cadence testing effort starts 
> this weekend, but I 
> would encourage everyone to save their testing energies for the final 
> beta release testing next week. The beta freezes will happen next 
> Monday with images following. Enjoy your weekend and get ready to put 
> your testing hat on for a saucy salamander image landing near you.
> But your weekend doesn't have to be devoid of testing; Don't forget 
> we're testing every day on the ubuntu touch images! If you have a 
> nexus device, join the fun!
> Happy Testing everyone,
> Nicholas

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