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Richard Hsu richard.hsu at
Fri Oct 25 16:35:09 UTC 2013

Hello All,

My name is Richard Hsu. I reside in Toronto, Canada and work for a US
financial services company.

Day job: Troubleshoot in-house applications and provide support to users.
Technologies: Sybase, Ab Initio (ETL tool), Ksh, Perl, Autosys all on Red
Hat Linux and C# desktop app on Windows.

Past: Visual Basic 6 and C# (Windows Forms and ASP.NET) programmer with
Microsoft Sql Server and Access databases.

Personal 5 year project: python programming, switch home systems to Mac OS
X or Ubuntu (currently on Windows dual boot occasionally into Ubuntu).

Why join Ubuntu QA?
I have benefitted from others on the internet so decided to give back. I
believe Ubuntu has a bright future and want to help make it better. Will
start contributing with automated tests and take it from there.

-- Richard.
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