Workshops for Trusty

David Manuel Pires slickymaster at
Thu Oct 24 18:13:02 UTC 2013

On 23 October 2013 20:59, Nicholas Skaggs <nicholas.skaggs at>wrote:

>  So in general it seems like folks would rather have a well written wiki
> tutorial + video as opposed to a session?
> I like the idea, certainly. We don't HAVE to do sessions.
> Put another way I would rather newcomers had everything they needed
> instantly availible on the wiki. Video links as needed, and written
> tutorials, etc.

A big +1 on that.
IMHO, learning from visual support aids, like a well elaborate and
structured wiki, full of tutorials, videos and demonstratives diagrams,
makes the learning process more appealing and productive.

David Pires
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