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Barry Drake b.drake at
Wed Oct 30 15:36:42 UTC 2013

On 30/10/13 15:04, Nicholas Skaggs wrote:
> Thanks Barry! So basically you keep a third disk or partition and 
> mount it as /home in both installations. Run ubuntu devel 100% of the 
> time unless something breaks, during which you will reboot and load 
> the stable installation with all of your data still intact. It makes 
> good sense to me :-)

More or less what I do - except that for the sake of ease, I use the 
default installation to an entire hard drive both for the stable and the 
testing version.  I leave each installation with its own /home directory 
and sync this to the third drive which is in a trayless caddy.  That 
way, I can pop it into another machine (my wife's) if I have a hardware 
problem.  I used to put the installations on separate partitions on the 
same drive, but after a couple of problems I found it more reliable to 
let the installer work with its defaults on the two separate drives.  I 
used 13.10 testing exclusively from last November up until I installed 
14.04 by overwriting 13.04.  So far I've only had to boot into 13.10 
once when I had a problem getting Adobe Digital Editions working 
properly under Wine - I think the Adobe registration site was down at 
the time.

Regards,        Barry.

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