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  Hello there 😊. I am FireNinjaGAME, who is an amateur at computers (as far as computing internals go). I am planning on becoming a software developer sometime in the future, but for now I am mostly just a person who messes around with technology. Although I am not mentioned in the credits (other than in a secret fashion), I am a person who helped test for bugs and glitches in a small project done by a relative of mine called iVinyl (http://www.ivinylapp.com/). I am interested in doing QA for Ubuntu so I can aid the development process by finding bugs and reporting them, thus allowing the developers to know what are bugs and what needs to be fixed.

Extra Info:
"Website" for professional things: http://fngscratch.blogspot.com/p/my-other-stuff.html
My normal website for my not-so-professional things: http://fngscratch.blogspot.com/

What I can test:
Ubuntu's features and applications, submitting bug reports about bugs that occur during the application. 

What I am good at:
Finding bugs and reporting them in a specific fashion. This could include, if it would help, recording testcases on private videos and uploading them so all bugs are shown clearly.
Creating reports of these bugs and sending them.Working with others, which could include in this scenario verifying if the bugs I find are common, or if they are not.

What I cannot do:
Find errors in code, debug code, pretty much anything that has to do with the internal code. I am not experienced in coding; I am experienced in testing and seeing results. Somebody else might have to reverse-engineer it. I am sorry for this, I hope to at some point have experience with this so I may be able to contribute better.
I am probably going to be unable at certain points to test things. I do not have an active schedule with stuff (Busy) and so I may have problems doing constant reports. However, this shouldn't be a problem in most cases.

Thank you guys for reading my email, and I hope that you guys will find me to be a helpful asset to your development team!


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