Fwd: Pre-release of Ubuntu 12.04.2 available for Laptop Testing!

Sergio Zanchetta primes2h at ubuntu.com
Tue Feb 12 08:35:42 UTC 2013

Sorry, I sent it to the wrong QA ML address.
Here it is!

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From: Sergio Zanchetta <primes2h at ubuntu.com>
Date: 2013/2/12
Subject: Pre-release of Ubuntu 12.04.2 available for Laptop Testing!
To: ubuntu-laptop-testing at lists.launchpad.net, Ubuntu QA
<ubuntu-qa at lists.ubuntu.com>

Hi all!

The second point release of Precise is going to be released on
Thursday, providing a new X stack and kernel.

You now have the opportunity to test a pre-release of the 12.04.02 on
your laptop and so we ask everyone on the QA and Laptop team to give a
hand in doing this.

Your help in testing on "real hardware" is very important and the
earlier you do so, the better.

Post your test results on the Laptop tracker [1] and report any
bug you'll find on Launchpad and then on the tracker as

The complete procedures are explained on

Please let us know if you have any questions, we will coordinate
testing in #ubuntu-testing on freenode.

Thank you very much for your help happy testing! :-)

*****IMPORTANT INFORMATION for those subscribed for email notification
about new available images.
*****You need to subscribe yourself again for it in the laptop tracker
because now we are using the new testcase suites provided by the
tracker itself. Otherwise you won't be automatically notified for
future laptop testing.

[1] http://laptop.qa.ubuntu.com/

Sergio Zanchetta

Sergio Zanchetta

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