Ubuntu Friendly - Meeting Report - Next Meeting (Feburary 19th 17:00 UTC)

cprofitt cprofitt at ubuntu.com
Wed Feb 6 03:34:17 UTC 2013

Hello all:

The details about the UF meeting are here:

We have three action items:
      * SergioMeneses will be reviewing the current wiki pages and
        making changes were necessary -- if you would like to assist
        please contact him.
      * roadmr will produce a flowchart of the current process that
        submissions to Ubuntu Friendly undergo
      * We need a chair for the next meeting. It was decided to go with
        an earlier meeting for the UTC 0/+1 folks. The next meeting will
        be at 17:00 UTC. I am at work at this time so I can not
        guarantee that I ca be present and not get pulled away. If you
        can chair the meeting please respond on the list. Thanks.

If you are interested in helping please join the launchpad team:

The primary focus of the team right now is on improving the feedback to
the people making submissions.

roadmr reminded us that any changes to checkbox in this regard (like
submitting directly to the UF website) would need to be done soon due to
feature freeze.

jedimike - can you comment on what avenues are available for providing
feedback to the submitters?

Thanks everyone for attending.


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