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An interesting and substantial change.

One obvious positive I can see coming from it, from my personal
perspective, is not seeing the "ok it's time to test Surly Sweathog Alpha
1" the day I leave for Santiago and therefore being completely out of the
focused test/reaction loop.

(By the way I hope that 14.04 will not be code-named Surly Sweathog!  But,
if it is, I want to do the artwork!)

It seems to me there is an opportunity in the context of these changes to
up our testing game.  How do user narratives on problems get into the
testing cycle?  For example, from bug reports?

For instance, I think it's important to have the webcam, multimedia
buttons, etc working but I'd far sooner give them up and not have
Unity-LibreOffice integration broken the way it is in 12.10.  I think the
reason we have a lot of working webcams in 12.10 and not so many working
LibreOffices is because the test cases for LibreOffice don't currently go
deeply enough.

That is, some use cases that result in buggy behaviour require several
steps of setup to test properly.  This seems "do-able" but not quite "done"
in the philosophy of the existing test cases.

For example, 12.10's problem with LibreOffice integration: click on a
document in Nautilus and open it and you don't get the LIbreOffice menu in
the Unity menu bar; but open LibreOffice (which gives you a working Unity
menu bar) and then open the document and you are ok.  Except that
sometimes, after a bit of work, the Unity menu bar will no longer show up.
Also opening a doc by clicking on a link in Firefox leaves an instance of
LibreOffice with no working Unity menu bar.

So it seems we only find some of these bugs by actually trying to do some
work with the test system.  Somehow it would be great to be able to take
that "work done" and express it as test cases so the whole QA group could
use it.

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> I believe this got lost in the transition, so I'll post it again. You may
> have already had a chance to read it, but :-) What does everyone think
> about the changes?
> ----
> Please feel free to ask questions or post feedback in this thread on
> what's going on in regards to quality here in Copenhagen.
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> quality-machines.html<http://www.theorangenotebook.com/2012/10/uds-r-rise-of-the-quality-machines.html>
> Cheers!
> Nicholas
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