Quantal, Alpha 2 and you :-)

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at canonical.com
Mon Jun 25 23:55:02 UTC 2012

Get your testing fingers ready; Alpha 2 is upon us. The first images
will be landing  soon and we'll start the process of verifying and
ensuring the images are worthy to be called Alpha 2. For those running
Quantal day to day over the last few weeks, you know things have started
to land that is keeping you on your toes!

As part of the effort for improving communication during testing, the
platform QA team will be live broadcasting a google hangout starting
tomorrow when the images are live. The link below will contain the
stream once it's live.


In addition, the notice board on the tracker will attempt to convey
information on when and why respins are occur as well as the bugs that
forced the re-spin. As always, the #ubuntu-testing IRC channel and the
mailing list are open to you for more information.

If you haven't subscribed to be informed about new builds for your iso,
please do so. It will help keep you informed as we do the iso testing
for the milestone. Here's a few links that may come in useful for you:


I can highly recommend zsync and, if your testing must occur in a VM,
testdrive. Zsync makes it easy to keep your isos up-to-date without
having to re-download them.


As always, happy testing everyone!


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