Tracking issues that we should be testing

Gema Gomez gema.gomez-solano at
Wed Jun 6 14:16:53 UTC 2012

On 06/06/12 13:58, Robie Basak wrote:
> Hi,
> Every so often I come across an issue which I feel that we should be
> testing on a regular basis. For example: I think that this multipath bug
> should be considered for automated installer testing for Ubuntu Server: 
> I think this kind of thing is a candidate for a consumer of UTAH, but
> due to the d-i involvement required is perhaps not trivial to do right
> now.
> Do we have a way of tracking these items so that we could have a backlog
> of tests that we would like to have once the infrastructure is in place?
> Perhaps a Launchpad project to add a bug task against?
> Thanks,
> Robie

Hi Robie,

I have added a section at the bottom of this blueprint for this:

Please add your explanation there and I will turn it into work items
that will be implemented either this cycle or next, depending on
resources availability. We are going to be reworking the installer
testing this cycle and it makes sense probably to add this one as well.

If you think the test case is important enough to be run on daily basis,
as part of our smoke testing, add it here:


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