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Sherman Boyd sherman.boyd at
Mon Jun 4 19:33:20 UTC 2012

So I followed the MAAS docs, and even have what seems to be a provisioned
machine.  But how do I log in to it?  The docs have good step by step, but
are short on describing the big picture.

Has some errors.  The .juju/environments.yaml file is quite finicky, it
would be good to add a warning that it's whitespace sensitive and requires
the port number for 'maas-server'.  Also:

maas-oauth: '${maas-api-key}'

Didn't work for me.  But:

maas-oauth: 'maas-api-key'

did.  I'm also getting the strong impression that juju/maas relies on DNS,
but it's not clear how I should set that up:

juju status
2012-06-04 14:11:57,489 INFO Connecting to environment...
2012-06-04 14:11:57,896 ERROR Invalid host for SSH forwarding: ssh: Could
not resolve hostname Name or service not known

I thought maybe MAAS would be serving up the hostnames with dnsmasq.
 resolv.conf is pointing to, but even when I set the DNS server
to use dnsmasq I still get the error above.  Strange because I can ping the

So three questions at this point. 1) How do I log in to the provisioned
servers? (Should I have set up an SSH key in preferences?) 2) How do
I re-provision a server in MAAS or change the hostname once it is running?
 3) How do I fully scrap MAAS and start over, or prepare for a clean
cobbler install?

Best regards,

Sherman Boyd
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