Exploring Ask ubuntu for quality!

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at canonical.com
Wed Dec 19 22:45:23 UTC 2012

I'd like to propose all of us as a community embrace Askubuntu as an 
outlet for getting help and asking common questions about quality and 
testing. The past couple cycles we've spent ensuring our wiki area 
became more and more of a resource for understanding and providing help 
getting started. However, the wiki is not able to be interactive, which 
is why we have things like the mailing list and the irc channel, as well 
as social media, the forums etc.

Although irc, mailing lists, the forums, etc can be interactive, these 
mediums are not good places to store and retrieve information. In 
addition, we have new and expanding knowledge barriers with autopilot 
tests, autopkg, and the expansion of manual testing and cadence weeks. 
It is my hope that having ask ubuntu as an outlet to ask questions and 
get answers and personalized help and feedback in the ever changing 
quality world. The upside is that unlike IRC, mailing lists (to some 
extent), and forums, etc, this feedback is naturally collected, sorted, 
and moderated on ask ubuntu. This should allow the questions and answers 
to complement our documentation and wiki pages.

Now I am by no means an expert at the site, but I started by creating a 
"quality" tag that we can utilize to ask, tag, and find posts pertaining 
to quality. I'll be watching this page, and ask ubuntu in general to 
answer any questions that pop up.


Feel free to post some questions (and answers!), and give some feedback 
on what you think about using askubuntu. When you post, simply tag it 
quality (http://imgur.com/JDFk0) to make sure it shows on the filter tag 
page for each general browsing by the rest of us.

Ohh, here's some example questions I thought might be useful for asking 
/ answering. Note, I've haven't yet asked/answered them (yet!), but I 
would encourage you to feel free to write good questions and answers to 
these and other questions you may have! NOTE, you can ask and answer 
your own question for the purpose of distilling information.

What is . . .
     the qatracker?
     cadence testing?
     smoke testing?
     milestone testing?

How do I . . .
     test a piece of software that has a 'call for testing' event?
     see a list of testcases available for a package?
     see a list of testcases available for an image?
     test an image of ubuntu?
     participate in cadence or milestone testing?
     contribute a new autopkg testcase for a package?
     contribute a new autopilot testcase for a package?
     contribute a new manual testcase for a package?



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