Olivier Vermesse

Gema Gomez gema.gomez-solano at canonical.com
Tue Apr 17 09:02:41 UTC 2012

Hi Olivier,

> As suggested in the paragraph "How do I Get Involved?" on the wiki, let
> me introduce myself. Before I begin, I want to apologize for my
> English. I am French, and like all French people, I don't speek very
> well in a foreign language ... :-)

as a Spanish with problems with English, I hereby welcome you to the
Ubuntu-QA group!

> I'm 38 and I live in Montreux, Switzerland. For those who love jazz,
> he must know this city ...
> I am IT Engineer at Lausanne University Hospital and I particularly
> like tested Ubuntu here. In short, I have time and would love to help you.
> So if on one project or another, you need some help, I'm at your
> disposal. Really.

Good, because we need all the help we can get, we are releasing Precise
next week and we need people motivated to go through installs some times
and tell us if there are any problems.

Do you have a launchpad user? If not, create an account for yourself in
launchpad: https://launchpad.net/

Then, go to the iso-tracker (http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/), and log in with
your launchpad id, once you've done that you'll see Milestones, choose
the one that is on Status "Testing". Then go down to the Ubuntu images,
and depending on which hardware you have for testing, get started with
the applicable product. For instance, if you have a 64 bit machine with
some free HD space, you can go for Ubuntu Desktop AMD64, and in there
you'll find a link to the latest build and some test cases. If you are
going to use your own machine for this, be careful, it is easy to
install on the wrong place and lose some data, if I were you I'd do a
backup first.

Please, make sure you record any test result in the test case you happen
to run. You could run them in French to give us some coverage in your
language. If you raise any bugs, please also note them down when you
submit you result.

Happy testing!

Gema Gomez-Solano        <gema.gomez-solano at canonical.com>
Ubuntu QA Team           https://launchpad.net/~gema.gomez
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