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On 12-04-03 11:35 AM, Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 12:30 PM, BOB Merhebi <bobmerhebi at>
> wrote: [...]
>> By the way, In "System Testing" (checkbox?), there's the last
>> "Audio Test" which requests to "Connect a USB audio device to
>> your system" then asks you "Did you hear your speech played back
>> through the USB headphones?". I don't quite get the test! could
>> someone clear it out?
> There are USB dongles that act as an extra sound card; either as a 
> small dongle where you can connect a microphone and headphones via
> a standard 8mm jack, or as a complete sound device that integrates
> a headset at the end of a cable.
> The goal is to verify that these external devices are well
> detected and supported, and that pulseaudio or ALSA are able to
> properly handle the new device and switch output to them.
> I guess the "headphones" part is a little confusing, I think it
> would be better worded as "device" directly, and let the user deal
> with whatever kind of device was used. For instance, if there is
> somehow a USB table speaker available, we shouldn't be calling that
> "headphones" :)
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I have a usb headset, microphone and earphones, that works like a
separate audio device. I rarely use it, as I purchased it for use on
Windows with Skype as the Windows version of Skype could never detect
my webcam's internal microphone.
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