hello new eeepc901 tester

Martin Briscoe martin.briscoe at googlemail.com
Thu May 20 18:10:11 UTC 2010


I have been running ubuntus on my 901 for 18 months.

I usually download and run the alphas and betas so I am happy to
provide feedback if thats useful.

My main current problem with lucid is high power consumption, so the
cpus are unable to drop down from 1.6G to 800M in
powersave. this wasnt the case with 9.10 but I'm not sure when this
problem crept in I think it was quite late.

powertop reports lots more wake ups than usual (500/s). Its bad with
std ubuntu & better but
not perfect with the remix. I am also running unity which looks to have
lots of potential. but I'd like to try autohiding the panels

I'm happy to help test but I'm not terribly technical.

I'm also interested in boot times and have an editable spreadsheet at:

One challenge I see for ubuntu is
a. It wants to be a respected stable household distro (for that it
needs to be error free and robust)
b. It also seems to want to be an adventurous, leading edge,
experimental and pioneering distro.

These two aims are hard to bring together. (I prefer the latter, as i
guess do most of the people on this list?)

ubuntu lucid, lubuntu 10.04, puppeee

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