Ubuntu QA Team Meeting Minutes - 19 May 2010

Marjo Mercado marjo.mercado at canonical.com
Thu May 20 15:18:57 UTC 2010

Ubuntu QA Team Meeting Minutes
19 May 2010
    * SRU testing -- sbeattie (Steve Beattie)
    * Bug Day status -- pvillavi
    * QA meetings reorg - ara
    * Next Chairperson is ara

Chair: Marjo Mercado

 == SRU Testing (sbeattie)
 SRU Activity report for the past 2 weeks (since 2010-05-05):
 * lucid: 44 new packages in -proposed
      and 61 packages pushed to -updates
 * karmic: 5 new packages in -proposed (gdm, landscape-client,
libatasmart, pastebinit, update-manager)
       and 5 packages pushed to -updates (bansheelyricsplugin,
boost1.38, etoys, gdm, landscape-client)
 * jaunty: 2 new packages in -proposed (landscape-client, pastebinit)
       and 2 packages pushed to -updates (etoys, landscape-client)
 * hardy: 1 package pushed to -updates (nfs-utils)
 * dapper: no SRU activity

Thanks to the following folks for doing the SRU testing this week:
ionospheric, Paul Elliott (omahn), Mario Limonciello (superm1), fx5,
Hideki Sakurada, Ville Ranki (cos^), Henning Moll, Marco De Paolini,
Guenter Roeck, arand, Benjamin Kay (benkay86), Martin Božič, leighman,
Plafuro, tankdriver, Ron S, Irihapeti, neutrinux, Roel van Os, Paul
Elliott (omahn), Thorsten Reinbold, Dmitry Shachnev, Frank Groeneveld,
Jonathan Carter (highvoltage), Ken Weill P. Lumacad, Daniel Richard G.,
Pekka Hämäläinen, daniele80, Moritz Kobel, Paolo4500, Scott Howard
(showard), besson3c, Herco van Brug, Stephen Day, Simon Steinbeiß
(ochosi), johnny b, WiNeOS, Fabio Marconi (njin), Imre Gergely (cemc),
Chris Guirl, hhfischer, Jussi Kekkonen, Daniel Che, jamboarder and

 * SRUs for lucid are still going strong

 == Bug Day plans - pvillavi ==
 * We're having a bug day based on Update Manager
 == QA meetings reorg - ara ==
 * We talked at UDS about improving meetings
 * A few people find it difficult to attend this meeting time, so we are
planning to rotate the meeting times, to see if it helps.
 * Every other week, the meeting will be at 17:00 UTC, but the other
meeting time is up to you. Paolo has set up a poll to see which time is
best for the team. Please vote at 
 * There will be meeting reminders sent to the mailing list a couple of
days ahead and asking for topics to cover

 == Select the chair for the next meeting (Chair) ==
 * Ara Pulido (ara)
 == Actions ==
 * No new action items assigned.
 == Modify the meeting page for the next meeting agenda (Ara) ==
Marjo F. Mercado
Ubuntu QA Team Manager
IRC: marjo

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