Improving IRC QA Meetings

Ara Pulido ara at
Tue May 18 08:57:53 UTC 2010

Hello all!

During UDS Maverick we had a discussion about how to improve QA team

The results of that discussions can now be found at the wiki, in the
form of a specification [1].

One of the main topics was QA IRC meetings. As you all know, we've been
having our meetings every Wednesday at 17:00 UTC. Some of our members
couldn't attend at this time, so we proposed rotating the meeting hours.
*Paolo* will send a poll asking for an additional meeting time.

We will also rotate the chair of the meeting, who will be also
responsible of call for agenda items and send a meeting summary to the
mailing list.

I have added an item to tomorrow's meeting agenda [2], in case you want
to comment anything on this changes. If you can't attend the meeting,
comments are also welcome on the mailing list.

We have approved these changes for the benefit of all team members. We
really hope that they will help to improve the communication and will
increase the participation.


P.S. If you have items to add to the agenda, please, add them ASAP.


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