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Alex Lourie at
Sun Jul 25 10:22:28 UTC 2010

Hello QA crowd

I had a couple suggestions for ISO tracker:

1. I noticed there are few tests that include multiple different checks. For
example, within one test in server ISO testing there are 2 KVM
installations, 1 VMWare ESX installation and 1 VMWare server installation.
While being similar they are different, and having run one check (VMWARE ESX
- the only system I have) I still cannot provide my results as not all
checks are finished, so the test is not completed.

I suggest splitting such complex tests into smaller tests, so each of them
could be tested on its own.

2. It is not really convenient to open the test, and see there nothing to
do. As an experienced user I noticed the link to wiki pages, which, of
course, have the test steps and the success criteria. But I believe it would
be more obvious and convenient to have all steps directly available within
the test page.

This, of course, requires development, and that's why I asked if redesign is
planned in a near future.

I'll be happy for any comments.

Alex Lourie
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