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Sat Aug 1 19:10:02 UTC 2009

On Saturday 01 August 2009 1:42:42 pm Kofi Anane- Kyeremeh wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> I need a little help here with dependencies.
> I downloaded audacious and audacity media players from I
> tried installing them on my computer and had a message that dependencies
> were not supported or something like that. I need help on getting round
> this.

Just wondering: why are you using getdeb?  Those are both in the repositories, 
so you can install them through Applications -> Add/Remove.  I would expect 
getdeb to list any dependencies you need to install from Add/Remove (possibly 
with its advanced mode).  If not lists all 
dependencies for all packages in Ubuntu.

> I thung U think about the OS is that is is very fragile. I had power failure
> sometime, and when power was restored, my Ubuntu couln't load up.l Gave me a
> lot of error messages. I had to reboot into Windows to perfom a disk check
> before the Ubuntu was restored. Since then, I alsways have to go through
> this process in order to get into Ubunt. What cuases that or why does it
> have to do that?

Do you have Ubuntu set to mount any NTFS (Windows-formatted) drives by 
default?  For that matter, did you install the "normal" way or with Wubi?  If 
Wubi, that'd be why disk check from Windows works for it.  If the "normal" 
way, then Ubuntu should have been able to run its own disk check on the ext3 

Mackenzie Morgan
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