Raising Awareness of Bugs

Null Ack nullack at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 04:36:43 UTC 2008

Gday everyone,

Recently the issue of the QA Team's Status Report at the Release Team
Meetings came up. Today I spoke with our bug master Brian on how bug
squaders and QA people can most effectively raise awareness of bugs to
release targets. What he would like to see is:

* As soon as a bug is identified that is not currently milestoned and
could be considered important to rectify against a particular release
target, please send an email to the bug squad mailing list about it.
Please note, that being milestoned does not include the bug being
nominated for Intrepid for example, the milestone field is far across
to the right of the screen in Launchpad.

It was noted that the ability in Launchpad to nominate for a release
is not currently an optimal process for raising awareness of these
types of bugs. Bug Control members have a different process they use.



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