Regression tracking

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Wed Sep 10 15:56:02 UTC 2008

We are preparing a new procedure for tracking regressions in Ubuntu. 
This should help us prioritise our bug fixing work as we approach the 
release and over a few releases we can study the trends and work to 
reduce regressions in Ubuntu overall.

Regressions in functionality are not always caused by regressions in an 
individual package, but may result from interaction of a number of 
packages or by replacing one package with a newer technology. These 
feature regressions are jarring to users even if they are done for 
technically sound reasons - we should therefore track them, release note 
as appropriate and work to minimise them over time.

To start with we'll be using the following tags:

  * regression-potential - a bug in the development release
  * regression-release - a regression in a stable release
  * regression-update - regression in a stable release update

See [1] for more detailed descriptions of these tags and example bugs.

Tagged bugs can be viewed at [2] and [3]. We are also working on a 
custom tracking page that will also have an archive view and statistics 
(based on the SRU pages [4]). Brian and Steve will also perform some 
keyword searches of current bugs to backfill these lists.

Please apply these tags to bugs you come across that fit the criteria 
and let us know if you would like to see extensions to this tracking or 
have other feedback.



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