Some minors bugs I met whit 8.10 release

Nicolas M a i l h o t buzzerr at
Sun Oct 26 05:48:06 UTC 2008

Hi, here's my config

Cpu: Amd athlon(tm) 64 processor 3500+
Graphic: Nvidia geforce 6200+ (256Mg)
Ram: Both kingston memory card of 512 and 1024 mg
Mother board MSI

when I log on my account and leave the log in page, Nothing seems to
load else than the wallpapers for 5-10 seconds and then it loads normally.

second one is a bug about hibernate and sleep mode. When I press
hibernate the fan will not turn off but all other hardware will.
and when I press sleep mode every thing shuts down as I was turning off
the computer and will not wake. I must press restart button to get it work.

I know these are miner bugs but I wish I can help a bit.


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