Networksettings in 8.10

Martin Fay Martin.Fay at
Fri Oct 24 16:02:48 UTC 2008

Ubuntu Beta 1 (from yesterday)

i am setting up a Router (2 Nic's in one Box)
The first Nic is setup by dhcp and getting his ip from the DHCP ...
The second Nic is set to Manual and i am entering th IP4 settings by
hand ... IP NMask and the GW IP
Routing works fine ... but here it comes ... after i am restatring the
Box the IP4 Settings for the second Nic is lost and go's to Default
(DHCP) settings. This is not what i want and needed..

Can anyone please help me there to getting the "Alzheimer Light"
fixed ;)

Thanks and best regards

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