Meeting logs

Ara Pulido ara at
Thu Oct 16 07:45:31 UTC 2008


Today I updated the meeting logs page that wasn't updated since
September 17th, with the meetings logs.
I had to check the revisions of that page to get the agenda of the past
days back. I think that having a tidy back log of the meetings is a very
simple task if we do it just after the meeting, but becomes a little
dull if we skip it week after week.

My proposal is that every time, before the meeting is over, someone
steps forward to do the tasks for that meeting.

The tasks would be:

* Update the Header with the next meeting date [1]
* Create a new Meetings subpage with the URL syntax (Example [2])
* Copy the Agenda from the main Meetings page [3] to the one just
* Go to IRC logs [4] and copy the meeting to a newly created page with
URL (Example [5])

What do you guys think?
Any better way to handle this?



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