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Stéphane Graber stgraber at
Wed Oct 15 03:15:21 UTC 2008

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I'll very likely be stuck in meetings during the whole day tomorrow so
won't be able to attend the QA team meeting.

I have already poked some QA/release team/distro guys on IRC about that
but I'll just say it again here so we have a written record of it :)

I'll be updating the testcases on the ISO Tracker at the end of the week
(Thursday afternoon, US time very likely) so I'll need all the wanted
changes documented on by then.

I really need to know: the testcase title, what image it affects (and
architectures if not amd64+i386) and a wiki link (either to one of our
"meta" testcase or directly to a specific testcase). Please also add any
removal or other wanted changes to the list.

I'll be updated only the database as we are in code freeze for the QA
website + brainstorm (waiting on a major upgrade) so I won't be able to
fix the download links for the newly added images, sorry for that. I
won't be able to fix any other bugs in the tracker for RC+final for the
same reason. The tracker seems to work quite well for what we need it to
do anyway and I think RC+Final will go just great if the testcases are
all there.


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