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Thu Nov 3 12:11:06 UTC 2011

Hello Windwalker51!
I've replied to your questions inline.

On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 7:57 AM, Galen DeBord <glndbrd4 at> wrote:
>  My name is Windwalker52. I am the contact person for the MIssouri LoCo
> Team. I was wondering how we can get involved in this project. We have
> serious hobbyists, retired professional programmers, newbies, students in
> computer sciences and so forth in our group. We meet now every Sunday at 7pm
> CST on ubuntu-missouri on Freenode and we need projects such as this to get
> motivated and focused. I will put this on the agenda for this weekend and I
> need a few pieces of information first.
>  Does the power user's group have a specific meeting time and day of the
> week?

Right now, no.

>  What channel?

Some of us hang out in #ubuntu-power-users on freenode.

>  What projects would be best for a variety of skills and levels of
> experience?
>  In other words how can we help?

Documentation, anything! We've got a roadmap right now (subject to
minor change), pick something that looks interesting and do it! -

However, you aren't just limited to the stuff on that roadmap, if you
have a idea to help, bounce it around and go for it!

>  Write back before Sunday and drop by on Sunday night at 7 to chat on
> Freenode if you would please. I am looking forward to the responses.

I should be able to be there then!

> Windwalker52
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