Ubuntu-Pakistan Experience the Next Generation Internet Operating System with Google, Ubuntu and the "gOS"

Fouad Riaz Bajwa fouadbajwa at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 05:56:38 GMT 2007

Experience the Next Generation Internet Operating System with Google, Ubuntu
and the "gOS"

By Fouad Bajwa

How would a user feel if they loved the applications provided by Google.com
and wanted to have all these tools at their finger tips? Well, look no
further anymore, gOS is here! No more will you have to rely on Microsoft for
your intriguing urge to a wonderful 3rd Generation user interface experience
and nor will you have to live without the beauty of the internet offered by
Google, to make it more exciting, its Ubuntu that fuels the amazing Linux
capabilities as the foundation!

The gOS features an intuitive desktop interface laid out with a set of
exciting icons. The Ubuntu 7.10 community has contributed to gOS while the
goal of the project is to bring an alternative OS to the masses so that
users around the world can enjoy and experience a third, more affordable and
attractive choice when shopping for a computer. The gOS project has said
goodbye to closed software and the digital divide! 

The gOS features all the software a user needs to browse the web, email,
instant message, play movies, music, and connect to iPods; create and edit
documents, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, images right out of the
box with plug and play features, a feature set contributed by Ubuntu's
latest Linux OS release of version 7.10. 

gOS recommends using Google applications for just about everything including
Gmail, Gtalk, Calendar, Maps, Docs and Spreadsheets giving the feel to users
that Google is available as your Operating System, is this the Google OS in
the making, God knows! The apparent goal of gOS is to move much of the
processing from the PC to the Internet that has actually proved that Linux
is moving much faster than closed source companies that have been announcing
the possibility of introducing such feature sets in their future Operating
System versions.

You can download the gOS today and experience the Alpha Release 1.0 for the
x386 platform from http://www.thinkgos.com or participate in the OS
development activity at http://www.thinkgos.com/dev/gOS.  

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