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Ubuntu (ooh-bun-too) Linux for human beings is a GNU/Linux distribution
optimized for home and office use. It has been designed for the ease of use
and installation. Ubuntu is available free of charge for anyone.  

Ubuntu can be run directly from the CD without changing the existing
Operating System or can be installed alongside another operating system
without disturbing the previous configurations.        

Ubuntu comes with a full desktop office, including the Mozilla FireFox
Browser, Evolution email client, the GIMP (graphics editing suite), GAIM
Messenger, and much more. Ubuntu is immune to viruses and malware. Ubuntu
offers automatic updates as well as thousands of software packages available
for free and legal download without causing violation of Intellectual
Property Rights preventing and combating software piracy. 

Ubuntu is fully customizable according to your tastes and needs even more
than mainstream operating systems. 

License - Ubuntu is licensed mostly under GPL, entirely under free software
licenses. This means it is free and will always be free.  

Hardware Requirements - Ubuntu requires 128 MB RAM (For LiveCD sessions 160
MB Minimum) CD ROM drive. A full install will take about 2.5 GB of disk

Where can you read more about Ubuntu? - News, How-tos, downloads:
www.ubuntu.com and free nonstop round-the-clock support from IRC volunteers'
at #ubuntu (Freenode). 

Spread Ubuntu - Ubuntu does not have commercial advertisements. Help us
spread the word. Ubuntu is community driven and is supported by community
based word-of-mouth or software/CD sharing based promotion.

A detailed introduction to Ubuntu:


Ubuntu is “Linux for human beings”, a complete open-source operating system
which aims to make Linux simple and a solid option for everyday desktop use.
It includes common applications such as a web browser, e-mail client, and a
complete office suite that is compatible with Microsoft Office and other
document formats, such as the new ODF standard, the rapidly growing format
for the future of office documents.

Ubuntu is available completely free of charge, in keeping with the founding
principles of the Ubuntu distribution. Ubuntu's active, growing community is
one of the core aspects of Ubuntu, with users participating in such ways as
providing free support for others, exchanging ideas and suggestions, and
developing software, all as volunteers.

Ubuntu is much more stable and less prone to security holes, viruses, and
spyware than Windows due to a different security model, is entirely
customizable to fit your needs and preferences, and has huge quantities of
software available to go with it, all easily accessible and free. Many of
these applications, including the office suite, are even available for
Windows, so you can use the same thing on both systems.

You don't have to give up everything you know and jump in headfirst.
Ubuntu's Live CD lets you run Ubuntu entirely off a CD without touching your
existing Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X installation at all, with no risk of
losing data or breaking the existing installation. You can even install
Ubuntu without erasing your other operating system, in a “dual-boot”
configuration which allows you to simply choose which one to use when you
start the computer.

Ubuntu is also available with multiple “graphical environments”, since
everybody has different tastes for the “look and feel” they're comfortable
with. This disc has one called “Gnome”, but if you'd like to take a look at
others (notably KDE and XFCE), screenshots of all versions (called Ubuntu,
Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and one even specially tailored towards use with children
and schools called Edubuntu) are available at http://shots.osdir.com/.

This pair of CDs is from the 5.10 (October 2005) release and being given to
you to make Ubuntu available to people who might otherwise not have been
aware of its existence or of free software in general. There have been
massive improvements between this release and 6.06 which just came out on
June 1st, as open-source projects such as Ubuntu develop at a rapid pace, so
keep that in mind. If you like this one, you'll love 6.06. So, feel free to
try out the one labeled "Live CD". If it doesn't really appeal to you,
please pass it on to a friend, relative, or coworker you think might be
interested or leave it somewhere, like the in your college library, with a
computer vendor or at the reception at work perhaps. 

The current release supports PC (Intel x86), 64-bit PC (AMD64), and PowerPC
(Apple iBook and Powerbook, G4 and G5) architectures, so if you need a
different CD, they can either be provided by Ubuntu-Pakistan Team members
near you or for free [https://shipit.ubuntu.com/]. 

Ubuntu can also be downloaded [http://www.ubuntu.com/download] or get
shipped for free [https://shipit.ubuntu.com/]. Let me know if you have any
questions. For more information, you may start by accessing the Ubuntu
website located at [http://www.ubuntu.com].


Ubuntu and the Ubuntu logo are registered trademarks of Canonical Ltd.
Pressed CDs and shipping is paid for by Canonical Ltd. and private donors.
The GNU/Linux Operating System is the result of the work of hundreds of
thousands of volunteers around the world, as is most of the software coming
with it. The author of this document (Team Leader, Ubuntu-Linux Pakistan
Team) has no material gains there from.

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