[Ubuntu-PH] Software Freedom Day 2008 @ University of Makati

rick rbahaguejr at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 17:07:23 UTC 2008

Hi guys,

I know all of us are busy. CP-Union (www.cp-union.org) and other groups are
coordinating for the SFD Celebration at the University of Makati this Sept

The program for the activity are all posted at www.sfdphil.org and

If there are interested volunteers to give a very introductory talk on "What
is Free and Open Source Software?" during the morning session, CP-Union and
the coordinating group will greatly appreciate it. While we can give the
talk as well, it will be a an opportunity for PLUG to participate on this
global event. Imagine a software freedom campaign without a linux users
group in it...

Please contact me directly at rick [at] cp-union [dot] org. We still need
some sponsors to cover the CDs and hand-outs we are printing for the kids
(students and newbies). We are expecting at least 500 students from UMak
alone and a few high schools have emailed me for their attendance.

We are also having a similar celebration at PUP-Taguig with about 200
students attending. We also need volunteer speakers for them.

If your are anywhere near these two campuses and would like to share FOSS
magic to these students, please email me directly.

Team Blue also has a similar effort on SFD.

Rick Bahague
Lead Coordinator
Software Freedom Day 2008
Philippine Celebration
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