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Hi to all,

Sorry for being silent the past few months.. been really preoccupied with
some stuff here.  Anyways, I know most of you have plans on Sept. 20 in
celebration of the SFD, but you also might want to check out the event
mentioned below.

Advance Happy Software Freedom Day to Everybody!

with lots of love,

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Dear Guest/Participant,

On 20th September 2008, the world will celebrate Software Freedom Day. We
share the same excitement of those who have outspokenly supported Free and
Open Source software and technologies. We, together with 8Layer
Technologies, wish to participate by holding a simple but meaty

The Software Freedom Day '08 that we will conduct co-occurring with the
world's celebration is one event that you are especially invited to attend.

This will be a day-long affair. We have specifically chosen topics that we
feel are up to par the needs and requirements of both FOSS and NON-FOSS
users, individuals and organizations alike. Your earnest involvement in this
exclusive assemblage of free and open hearts and minds is one ingredient to
the success of the event.

We have to tell you this early that this is an intimate dissection and
discussion of select Free and Open Source applications. Hence, we are doing
away (for the meantime) with a big crowd participation.

Please do not forget on September 20, 2008; 9:00am to 2:00pm. Food will be
served. PLDT Innolab at Boni Ave Mandaluyong has provided us a complete
facility for our small but elite gathering. Along this line, we therefore
ask you to confirm by reply email your interest in attending our Software
Freedom Day 08 event.

The tentative Agenda is as follows:

 1. Linux Desktop
        * the Ubuntu Operating System
        * Desktop "Nice to Have"
 2. Opensource IP telephony
 3. What's new with Web Technology?
 4. Opensource Security (by UR Solutions)
        * Firewalls
        * Authentication
        * Internet
        * Encryption
        * System security
 5. FOSS/Swiss knife for network management (by 8Layer Technologies)

Best regards,
Robert Reidenbach

All the best,

Paul Tolentino Jr.

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