[Ubuntu-PH] Ubuntu-PH Meeting (June 18, 2005)

allan atim a_atim at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 22 02:04:37 UTC 2005

the EB was great, na set na ba yung agenda for the
next meeting

--- Nhestor Balingit <nhestor at gmail.com> wrote:

> June 18, 2005 marked the first ever meeting for the
> Ubuntu-PH. Those
> who were present were Jerome, Ealden, Aatim, Nhestor
> (Xmachine),
> Clair, Otep, JM Ibanez, David Jr. (FishFillet),
> Gerald (Ubuntux). It
> was the start of a good linux group (ubuntu of
> course). Jerome talked
> about stuffs he do at Ubuntu, and also things to do
> when the Loco be
> formalized. Since most of us agreed on the idea
> (LoCo), the next time
> we'll be having a meeting, our agenda would now be
> the formalization
> and goals of the LoCo. I hope those who didn't make
> it last Saturday
> would be able to join the next meeting sometime in
> July.
> Looking forward for the next EB. ;)
> nhestor at gmail.com
> xmachine @ irc.freenode.net #ubuntu-ph 
> GAP: Thanks for the Hoary CD. ;p
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