[Ubuntu-PH] RE: [plug-newbies] networking problem

JC de Villa jdevilla at eperformax.com
Wed Jun 15 07:56:19 UTC 2005

++iface eth1 inet static
++        address

well, you did assign eth1 with the same address you assigned eth0

then again, why not disable your onboard NIC instead? So your new (eth1)
will become eth0

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++i recently added a new lan card (eth1) to my kubuntu 5.04 box because
++my rj-45  doesn't fit in built-in lan card (eth0), i've change thru
++ifconfig my network setting, eth0 whose former ip address
++ to and my new eth1 to
++problem is when i restart my box, the old configuration always appear
++that is eth0 =, my eth1 is not up and has no ip
++assigned. i edited the /etc/network/interfaces and added the
++map eth1
++iface eth1 inet static
++        address
++        netmask
++        network
++        broadcast
++        dns-nameservers
++        dns-search ubuntu.cxm
++when i start my kubuntu box, eth0 and eth1 now has the same IP address
++assigned. where did i go wrong? what files do i have to change to get
++what i want that is to assign eth0 and eth1
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