Ubuntu in PNG?

Robert Schilt rschilt at datec.net.pg
Thu Feb 21 06:05:55 GMT 2008

Hi Joe,

It's great to hear that someone else in PNG is doing some work with

Please tell me what extras are included with Edubuntu that don't come
with Ubuntu - I'm curious.

By the way I'm also a volunteer (with AVI).

With the training I suggest you check out Ingots. www.theingots.org. - I
have borrowed teaching materials from their website and adapted them to
the Hospital environment.

I'll probably be staying in my wife's village over the Easter break -
which happens to be in - you guessed it... Simbu -  Chuave to be
precise. Let's try and catch up regardless.

On Wed, 2008-02-20 at 17:37 -0800, crux at soong.ca wrote:
> I'm in madang working with VSO, I have 2 computer centers at primary
> schools, Lutheran day primary in town has 10 computers with edubuntu
> installed, the other has 15 computers but its windows, considering to
> install edubuntu there as well.  I'm trying to find the best way to train
> students and taechers on this.. Have you ever seen any kind of ubuntu
> tutorial that new users could work through?
> In the next few months we have 50 computers from Rotary club and another
> 50 from world vision which will be installed into 12 primary schools
> across madang province, probably all with edubuntu.
> I'm interested in seeing your computer setup in Goroka, around easter I'll
> be going up to Simbu to see some other computers in schools.
> I'll be here just until June 2008, I'm open to ideas you have towards the
> Madang schoolnet project, and willing to share my experiences here with
> computers so far.
> Joe Gamble

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