[ubuntu-nz] Switching from Fedora

Andrew McMillan andrew at catalyst.net.nz
Sat Sep 30 12:08:49 BST 2006

On Thu, 2006-09-28 at 11:11 +1200, Johann Schoonees wrote:
> I tried an Ubunti liveCD and was initially put off because it did not 
> have gcc on it!  I don't quite remember but it might not have had some 
> pretty standard tools like emacs or wget either.  I am used to having 
> development tools around for my little programming projects.

That one got me too, when I was installing on my son's PC, trying to use
a wireless network card where I had to download and build the drivers.

I ended up putting those packages onto a USB key from one of the other
more connected machines in the house, which wasn't too bad.

> I am also aware that Ubuntu differs from Fedora in its packaging 
> parentage: Debian vs. Red Hat, apt vs. yum, etc.  It looks as if I 
> might have to install quite a bit on top of the standard distro.  We 
> do have broadband.

I can't think of anyone I know who has made this change in the reverse
direction, and I know plenty who have moved to Debian / Ubuntu with no

> Am I looking at a long learning curve?  Dad is not going to be popular 
> at home if tux racer is out of commission for more than a day.  Mum 
> uses it seriously for architectural consulting work - OpenOffice, the 
> Gimp, etc.
> I would want some control over putting /home and /usr/local (anything 
> else?) on a separate partition to make future upgrades easier.

All of that should run fairly easily, although TuxRacer is called Planet
Penguin Racer nowadays I think.  My older son has no problems with it on
his Dapper box.  My younger son would like it on his computer too, but
he doesn't have an accelerated graphics card.

Likewise, my wife is using Dapper on a dual-core Athlon64 with no

We install Dapper as standard on any new PCs at work, and have very few


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