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Hi Bikash,

On 15 November 2010 01:54, bikash dhakal <dhakal.bikash at yahoo.com> wrote:
> repected sir,
There's no sir here only students and coders or is it? ;-)

> i had send a mail to you before about the ubuntu dvd. but i could not get those
> software
You probably sent it to someone else. No one on the list received a
mail prior to this one.

> so i want to request you again for ubuntu latest version, for the student of our
> college..

> my name is Bikash Dhakal from Nepal i am doing B.E in Computer. there is no such
> good
> facilites for computer students in Nepal we hope you will provide us an
> oppurtunity to
> present our skill in the other country.
> we are going to held a program on linux installation and it features it will be
> great oppurtunity
> for our  carrier and for your software uses.so provide us around 200 pices of
> open source software
> pakages including linux.
> i would be greatly thankful towards you

There was recently a discussion on FOSS Nepal mailing list regarding
opensource software that can be used for everyday computing.

I can't get hold of the link but some one else could probably be able
to point you to it.

Once the list of software are known, you can either:
a. Download a Ubuntu ISO, burn 200 discs and get *all you can*
software from the Ubuntu package archive
    - This is the recommended method

b. Download the list of those opensource software and install it for
your non-Linux machine.
    - Opensource software for your non-Linux machine.

All the best dude.
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Ishwor Gurung
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