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pramod giri prahmod at
Sun May 25 03:28:01 BST 2008

i tried the media test and it ended up with 1 error while checking the
	and when i later tried to install again i faced some of the errors like:

end request,I/O error,device sr0,sector 2565992
Buffer I/O error on device sr0,logical block
printk:1 messages suppressed
SQUASHFS error:sb_bread failed
SQUASHFS error:reading block 2565992
error:unable to read page block 2956566

well these were some of the errors.and when i hanged up for 10-15
minutes it displays a busybox,which is like a terminal.
    and during the installation it didn't even ask for partition and
when i restarted later i could find a option representating ubuntu and
windows(Boot selection window).i tried it but it is all the same the
busybox terminal.
and all i find is a command line interface.please get me out of this.
 i'm very much excited to install ubuntu as fast as i can

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