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Thus spoke rajesh aryal on Sunday, 11 May 2008 at 17:31:24 +0200:
> Hi freinds while i know that windows is not the greatest piece of program, i don't see much reason to use Ubuntu. Why is there a reason to use Ubuntu over windows XP? in windows I can do everything very easily while in Ubuntu it is very time consuming to even do something like play MP3. 
> I have heard many good things about Ubuntu but i think i will have to dual boot for now. please tell me why is ubuntu so great software.

Using Ubuntu is not hard. Make sure you're equipped with the power of manpages[1], wiki[2], Google[3] and the forums[3]. Rest should be easy enough. If you got any specific problems in Ubuntu, ask here. If people here know the answer, they'll give you specific help. If not, they'll try to direct you to appropriate place in the internet.

Secondly, you can play MP3 just as easily in Ubuntu as in Windows. VLC[5] is a good multimedia player that includes lot of functionality. Try it.

[1] type 'man <something>' in your terminal.
[2] http://wiki.ubuntu.com, http://help.ubuntu.com
[3] http://google.com.np
[4] http://forum.ubuntu.com, http://forum.ubuntu.org.np
[5] type 'apt-get install vlc;'

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