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On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 9:20 AM, Prahmod <prahmod at gmail.com> wrote:

> well guys this is Prahmod new to this mailing list.but i am having a
> problem.i have ubuntu 8.04 hardy installed.my partitions are in NTFS and
> they do not used to mount at the start up.they only mount when i clicked
> the partition for the first time from my computer or the places menu.
>      so i decided to do something to mount the drive at the startup.so
> i right clicked the mounted drive which was on the desktop and got to
> it's property and then on the Drive or Volume tab(i am confused which i
> selected) but later i clicked on the settings and on the mount point
> entry i typed "/media/Property"(without quotes).here property is the
> label of my drive.it was ok till then,but when i restarted the system
> later and tried to mount clicking on the places menu.
>      i got the error message displaying
>                Cannot mount volume
>                Unable to mount the volume 'Property'
>                Details:
>                mount_point cannot contain the following characters:
>                newline, G_DIR_SEPARATOR (usually /)

you suffered due to the mount point you provided "/media/Property". The
system expects only a word here with no slashes(/) in it.  While mounting it
just creates a folder which you provided in /media and mounts the volume

Here is the solution for it man.

Open gconf-editor in terminal:
$ gconf-editor
In the left panel:
 Goto: system ->  Storage -> volumes

Here you will see the mount point you specified for the device.
Change it to just a single word (OR just remove it :) )

For detail :


> i even tried using fstab and even mtab(i am new to this command) but
> nothing was fruitful.
> so guys help me get of this.i am unable to browse the files of that
> partioion in linux but it's fine with windows.but i hate windows.help me
> get my partition in linux.
> and also do share how to mount the drive at the boot time.
>                lastly "SAY YES TO LINUX"
>        Prahmod
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