Program in PUSET Jwalanta Regarding FOSS

Prahmod prahmod at
Mon Jul 7 16:15:59 BST 2008

well guys Jwalanta was here for quite a week and he accepted my proposal
for giving a brief description on FOSS esp about Linux. and we later on
managed and run the program and to say that the program was quite
helpful. now in mine college there are quite a lot of students
interested towards linux.
     now there is a linux environment around.and as per Jwalanta we are
gonna establish a community here that will focus the users towards the
free and open source software.
     well Jwalanta u really did a great job i should appreciate
that.thanks man.and further more i also would like to say that we are
soon gonna launch a training program here in PUSET college,Biratnagar
regarding linux.
        lastly, "SAY YES TO FOSS"

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