[FOSS-Nepal] updates from biratnagar n dharan on foss awareness/training

Hempal Shrestha hempalshrestha at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 09:02:11 BST 2008

Dear Jwalanta,

Great,  keep up to motto and best wishes


On Tue, Jul 1, 2008 at 1:08 PM, Jwalanta Shrestha <jwalanta at gmail.com> wrote:
> hi all,
> for those who dont know, i'm at biratnagar to help the foss enthusiasts here
> and in dharan on foss awareness/training n i've got some good news to
> share..
> dharan:
> met with tushar n abish. these guys are hyper excited about the foss
> training we're conducting at dharan n tushar is taking the lead. the date
> for the training has been fixed for this saturday (5th July).
> the training has been especially targeted to computer users (esp sysadmins)
> who are familiar with windows but not with foss alternatives. tushar n i are
> still working on the topics to be covered. it was supposed to be ubuntu
> training before, but we're tryin to make it more general. i'll update u all
> about it very soon.
> biratnagar:
> met with pramod n the team from engineering campus (purbanchal university,
> school of engineering and technology) n they are very interested in foss.
> they're also forming a computer club in the college soon and want to move
> forward foss through the same.
> we've also fixed an introduction/awareness program in the college tomorrow
> (2nd july, wednesday). the program is targeted towards computer and
> electronics engineering students here n i'm hoping a nice turnout.
> i'll be updating about the programs as it happens.. wish us luck..
> regards,
> jwalanta
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