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Bikal KC bikal at
Sun Apr 13 18:07:34 BST 2008

Here's a conversation I had with Sulabh about 
signing Ubuntu Code of Conduct. I am posting this 
with express permision from Sulabh :-) because I 
think this converation might explain new users to 
get their asnwer as to why/how sign a CoC with key

<Sulabh> hello again
<Sulabh> what is a pgp key?
<bokey> pretty good privacy key
<bokey> :-)
<bokey> asym way to crypt things
<Sulabh> why is a key required to sign the CoC then?
<bokey> it's gnu version is called gpg (Gnu PGP)
<bokey> 1) hmm.. because all other loco do it that 
way. 2) you verify who you pretend to be by 
signing the Coc with your private key 3) it's a 
geeky thing :p
<Sulabh> hehe ok
<Sulabh> is that like the pub key you send it in 
your email to FOSS Nepal?
<bokey> yes.. that's the keyid of my pub key you 
can find in my journal
<bokey> that pub key then is used by 
you/anyone_else to crypt stuffs which you sent to 
me. only i have the private key so only i can 
decrypt the encrypted mail
<bokey> :-)
<bokey> you can find my key in or
<Sulabh> ya, the Assymetric cypher thing
<bokey> yup
<Sulabh> cipher*
<Sulabh> :D
<bokey> :)
<Sulabh> the key i create is also going to be 
uploaded to these servers?
<bokey> yes you upload to
<bokey> can i post this conversation to the 
mailing list? it looks like it might help other users
<bokey> gare huncha?
<Sulabh> yeah :)
<Sulabh> sure
<bokey> okie dokie :-)

Hope that helps

  cheers :-)
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