A new local developer team has emerged

Andreas Olsson andreas at arrakis.se
Sat Jan 31 10:17:16 GMT 2009

On Saturday 31 January 2009 10:03:50 Martin Pihl wrote:
> Søren Hansen from the Danish Team suggested the other day, that we
> created an IRC channel with a focus on development, including all those
> that are working with bugs and stuff.
> ...
Nice initiative!

> Please tell your local teams about this channel - put it in the forums
> and blog about it :)

I have forwarded this info to our mailing list as well as into the forum.

Currently the Swedish LoCo, as a group, doesn't to much developing. Perhaps 
this is a good time to change that :) Myself I started looking into bug triage 
a couple of weeks ago and I guess this is as a good time as any to see if I 
can get some fellow LoCo members to join me in that endeavor

Andreas Olsson
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